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The True Value of Service

Customers are the most important element of every business. From the restaurant industry to the technology sector, providing exceptional customer service is vital for encouraging repeat business and loyalty.

It’s no different in the hosting industry, where providers play a vital role in growing a customer’s business. Whether they are looking to expand into new markets or offering advice on how to handle season peaks, service is not only one of the key points of differentiation, it often tops IT professionals’ priorities – even over price.

Speaking of price, there’s a war going on in our industry, with vendors battling to provide low-cost hosting solutions. Despite this, a recent Peer 1 survey revealed that 90 percent of IT professionals are unwilling to compromise on customer service, even if it meant paying higher prices.

The web hosting industry, along with the whole technology sector, is evolving. While there’s a place for low-cost hosting for first timers, non-critical elements, and for those with only one or two servers, there are areas where IT professionals are not willing to compromise.

For those businesses looking to grow and expand their online offering, service is an essential part of the decision criteria, and it’s not affected by price. In turn, hosting is a competitive industry, and while many providers are focused on cost, we choose to differentiate ourselves by helping our customers get where they want to be.

No one’s perfect, though, so we often ask our customers: ‘What can we do better?’ and ‘Tell me where we’re falling short of your expectations?’ They often don’t expect us to ask these questions, but their answers are always honest. The feedback doesn’t serve to strengthen just that one relationship-- it’s applied across our business in an effort to constantly improve on customer experience.

I discovered one particular success story when I recently visited a customer, a well-known, high-end retailer. On the Director’s desk, I found our support manual in pride of place. It turns out the Director uses Peer 1’s support processes as a guide of best practice when entering any new vendor agreement. That’s a great example of a partnership built on the quality of service and support.

At Peer 1, we are constantly evolving as an organization, growing not because of sales, but service, aiming to constantly exceed expectations. The alignment of our business is a factor dictated by our customers and what’s right for their business, now and in the future. Adding value in this way is a long-term process, but it’s priceless.

To find out more about where IT professionals are unwilling to compromise, read the full survey results here.

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