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Hybrid Hosting with Convergence™

Many companies confront a tough dilemma. Having made the decision to purchase IT equipment and systems, they face the unpleasant reality of committing ongoing resources to keep that hardware up and running.

For these companies, the simplicity and freed resources that come from a hosting solution are appealing. So, too, are the ability to grow with more capital investment and the promise of enhanced services. But in the end, their financial strategy—built on amortisation—won't let them abandon the capital investments they've made. Traditionally, there's been no real solution: you own it, you have to manage it, enhance it, secure it. Now, there is. PEER 1 Hosting's Convergence delivers a platform where you can continue to leverage your owned equipment, and where your choices for growth expand to the spectrum of PEER 1 Hosting solutions.

Hybrid colocation hosting with Convergence” on infographic

Features and Benefits

Secured Facilities

Your equipment is housed in one of PEER 1 Hosting's secured datacenters, monitored around-the-clock by closed circuit televisions and on-site security teams.

Round the Clock Access

Using a military-grade passcard, you'll have unescorted access to your collocated equipment whenever you want.

Optimal Environmental Controls

We ensure the environment—power, temperature, particulate filtration and more—is exactly controlled and maintained at all times.

Industry Leading SLAs

Our 100% Network Uptime and 100% Power On Service Level Agreements are the strongest in the industry.

FastFiber Network™

The PEER 1 Hosting FastFiber Network comprises 25,000 miles of dedicated fiber, landing at 20 points of presence, with 1,500 peering relationships worldwide. Bottom line: we're everywhere you do business.

FirstCall Support™

With FirstCall Support, every support issue is handled on the first call by experienced, senior support engineers.

Available Services

Strengthen your infrastructure by taking advantage of our broad range of add on services and products, from SuperDNS to Global Load Balancing to Defiant DDoS Shield attack mitigation. 

Grow Multiple Ways

With Convergence, you'll be able to leverage your existing hardware investments by colocating them in our state of the art datacentre facilities, and then integrate your collocated infrastructure with PEER 1 Hosting's Bare Metal Infrastructure as a Service and Managed Hosting offerings. You’ll also be able to take advantage of an array of available add on services and products to deliver a best of breed solution optimised for your business.

Protect Your Existing Investments

Install your existing, owned equipment in one of our Colocation datacenters. We'll worry about security, power, cooling, network availability and a variety of other datacentre concerns for you.

Eliminate IT Administrator Costs

Eliminate the time and resources required to continually fuel that investment with administrative costs by leveraging our remote hands services for your collocated infrastructure.

Evolve to Hosted Solutions

Start with your owned equipment, and then seamlessly grow by adding hosting offerings like Bare Metal Infrastructure as a Service and Managed Hosting.

Ensure Reliability and Performance

When you trust your equipment to PEER 1 Hosting, you are certain that your owned equipment, hosted infrastructure and the network on which they run, are backed by a knowledgeable team of professionals focused on delivering unsurpassed reliability, performance and value.