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Global Load Balancing

Rationalise your traffic across all your servers globally at no extra cost in equipment or administration.

Key Features

  • Increases speed and efficiency of your global network
  • Fortifies resilience to disaster and interruption by creating redundant systems in geographically disparate locations
  • Delivers localized content to end users based on their location
  • Choose one or a combination of three powerful solutions
  • Delivered in partnership with an authoritative DNS providing world-class managed services for businesses with critical processes and applications
  • A mesh of 16 globally synchronized DNS network nodes located on 6 continents.
  • PEER 1 Hosting’s FastFiber Network™ and the DNS infrastructure are monitored, maintained and optimized around the clock

If you run an international business, the benefit of balancing your traffic across all of your available servers is immediate and obvious. But setting up the necessary systems from scratch would prove astronomically expensive.

PEER 1 Hosting Global Load Balancing not only delivers the benefits of this traffic rationalisation, but does so at no extra expense in capital equipment, software or personnel.

We offer a choice of three different solutions. Choose any or all, according to your needs.

Traffic Controller

Routes traffic to optimum server

This solution allows the administrator to define load balancing configurations for content servers that reside in one or more geographical locations.

Traffic Controller uses weighted methodologies to re-route traffic to the most appropriate servers and Data Centres by dynamically changing responses to DNS requests.

  • Balance global traffic loads based on dynamic metrics obtained by the constant monitoring of host servers

Establish custom probes based on your specific requirements (e.g. to support proprietary applications that communicate on non-standard ports)

  • Not limited to PEER 1 Hosting infrastructure – can be used as complementary to an in-house load balancing solution


Re-routes traffic automatically from overstretched/failed servers to the most responsive alternatives

This solution provides fully-integrated monitoring, notification and failover services. Should a server exceed the failure thresholds that you define, SiteBacker automatically changes the DNS response record for that server, sending its traffic to another server.

Once the original server is back online, SiteBacker returns the DNS response record to its original configuration.

  • Select specific host records for monitoring
  • Configure pools of addresses to be used as failover records for the primary record being monitored
  • Assign a record or pool of records a ‘priority’ value

Directional DNS

Balances load according to originator's geographical location

Directional DNS routes traffic to the servers with the most location-relevant content across geographically disparate Data Centres. Traffic is load balanced on the basis of the originator's geographical location.

  • Specify different DNS responses based on user location
  • Deliver highly-localized content
  • Permit node-specific DNS answers based on:

- Topology/geography

- Geo IP targeting delivers content based on the site visitor's location

FirstCall Support™

PEER 1 Hosting Global Load Balancing is supported by FirstCall Support™, guaranteeing that your issue is handled on receipt of your first call by experienced, senior support engineers.