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Managed Private Cloud

The overall promise of cloud computing is extremely compelling for businesses. It delivers unprecedented flexibility and scalability in a pay-only-for-what-you-use utility model, ensuring that you’ll get exactly the infrastructure you need when you need it. But as compelling as the cloud is, the hidden and obvious risks to your organization are legion. Unproven platforms, inexperienced providers, unsecure architectures, unexpected costs – the list of potential perils continues on and on.

Virtualization or Managed Private Cloud from PEER 1 Hosting is the reliable, scalable and secure alternative to riskier public clouds. A VMware Hosting based solution, your Managed Private Cloud resides on a customized enterprise grade infrastructure dedicated solely to you. It delivers the right blend of proven infrastructure and advanced virtualization features, enabling you to leverage all the flexibility of cloud computing while avoiding all the risks.

Managed Private Cloud or Virtualization, a solution for managed private hosting on vmware hosting solution