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Partnership Program for Magento

As a Magento Solutions Provider, smooth implementation and ongoing peak performance are critical keys to satisfied customers. You know Magento is solid. You know what you're doing. But the infrastructure can be a question mark. For Magento Solutions Partners, a critical one. Because, in the end, the hosting company you choose hosts more than your customer's site.

It hosts your reputation too.

That's why, today, more and more Magento Solutions Providers turn to us. As a Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, PEER 1 Hosting has been involved with scores of implementations, and today hosts Magento sites for companies large and small around the world. That's more than just a lot of carts. It's a huge amount of knowledge, experience and practical know-how making Magento perform its best.

Are you a Magento customer looking for a reliable hosting provider with Magento expertise? Then learn more about our Magento Optimized Managed Hosting offering.