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Professional Services

Keep your technical headcount under control. Turn your specialist platform skills on and off as you need them.

We’ve all been there (and PEER 1 Hosting is no exception). Your business is growing hand over fist - but at this stage, can you really justify the permanent hiring of experts in every area you touch upon?  For some of the time at least, your most expensive assets would be sitting idle.

PEER 1 offers a pragmatic alternative to risky, hard-to-reverse hirings. We will simply supply the specialists you need, when you need them. When the job’s done, they walk out of the door and straight off your balance sheet.

Maybe you start with a one-off assignment. Then, if their face fits and your business grows to the point where it needs and can support more of their input, you can retain their services on an on-going basis.

Our Professional Services offering allows you to be selective with your critical appointments: Hire Expert A on a permanent footing, but let us supply Experts B and C on a respond-to-need basis until that need justifies a full-time employee.

As always, our aim is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. It’s how we built our reputation for matchless customer service. So we’ll be more than happy to tie the skills and services we provide into your Service Level Agreement.

Here are just some of the specialist technical services we can provide through hiring out expert personnel in whatever type of arrangement best suits your business as it grows and evolves:

  • Enhanced security audit  Perform a complete server-side scan including in-depth registry sweep, intrusion detection, root kit detection, warez detection, folder volume checks, user and permissions audit and patch update level determination. Each assessment includes a 30-minute security consultation from a PEER 1 system administrator
  • Basic security scan  Scan your server for the top 30 viruses and their respective variants
  • Cron job / scheduled task set up  Create or modify existing CronJobs or Scheduled Tasks
  • Database Administration Program  PEER 1 Hosting database engineers and architects can optimize and tune your database to produce optimal performance - which means optimum satisfaction for your customers
  • OS re-provision  We will reinstall your server's operating system in the event of it becoming irreparable. (NOTE: This does not include restoring data)
  • OS system service pack / hot fix installation and update  Apply and configure all known and certified updates and hot fixes available for a specific operating system at time of request
  • Server software rebuild  In your server is compromised or system files become corrupt, it may be necessary to rebuild the software in order to return it to a working state. We will either rebuild the server or facilitate the rebuild through our provisioning department
  • Setting up / changing file permissions  Set up or change file permissions
  • Software install / uninstall  Provide software installation and removal. Please note that due to software requirements, it may be necessary to physically ship the software to PEER 1 Hosting for installation. All software sent will be returned
  • Virtual configuration  Create up to five web or FTP virtual domains or any symbolic links
  • MS SQL database export  Schedule database exports
  • SSL certificate installation Upon request, install SSL certificates not purchased through PEER 1 Hosting
  • Administration time Troubleshoot your server for hardware, software and operating system requests
  • Log file rotation  Rotate out your log files so they don't get too large and affect your server's performance
  • Domain configuration  Change or add up to five domains to your DNS, MS IIS, Apache or Email records
  • Add new email accounts  Add up to five email accounts to your email application already installed on your server