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A suite of services delivered and managed by us, and no one else.

Security is about vigilance, rigor and an obsessive concern with detail and protocols. At PEER 1 Hosting, we start by ensuring that our physical infrastructure is resilient and that our processes are locked down tight. As part of that commitment, we comply with national, international and industry standards relating to security.

For many business-critical platforms the security process begins with our dedicated or shared firewalls that we manage and maintain for you. Our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate offerings are another standard security requirement for any company entering the eCommerce arena. But these are just the foundations of a solid online security strategy.

Beyond the basic security measures, there are even higher security services within our portfolio. To ensure that applications are secure, we are able to run vulnerability scans that check for CGI (common gateway interface) abuses and vulnerabilities, backdoors and Trojans, as well as other weaknesses. Our Relentless Intrusion Detection service identifies and blocks automated behavior patterns well before they ever reach your environment – something that standard network security products cannot accomplish.

Ultimately, the security choices are yours. However, we are always ready and available to provide insight and advice about which services and products make sense for your business and IT needs.


Vulnerability Scans

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Relentless Intrusion Detection

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Vigilant Web Application Firewall

Vigilant Web Application Firewall

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SSL Certificate

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Managed Firewalls

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PCI DSS Compliant eCommerce Hosting

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