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PIX - The PEER 1 Internet Exchange


The Power of PIX

You can reduce costs and increase routing performance by negotiating your own bilateral peering agreements using PIX. Available in PEER 1 Hosting's Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal datacenters, this free peering service enables you to connect through the PIX switch fabric with other customers, non-customers and Internet carriers.

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Basic Peering Guidelines

  • Participants can connect to the exchange via Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) or Ten Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE). Participants must provide the necessary optical transceivers. Cross connects within the facility to the exchange fabric are free. The responsibility for getting to the facility lies solely with the participant.
  • Peering is bilateral, strictly negotiated between the participants themselves. There is no requirement for networks to have a routing policy and to route objects in an Internet Route registry, such as the RADB, as methods for filtering routes will be determined by each member.
  • BGP-4 or BGP-6 is used for peering, and participants may not point, default route or otherwise use another participant's resources without permission.