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On Demand Cloud Platform™

The power’s in your hands with the On Demand Cloud Platform™. Scale up capacity when you need it, keep it for just as long as you want, and pay only for what you use.

The On Demand Cloud Platform is a True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solution, so you can provision pre-networked solutions with both Bare Metal Cloud Servers and Virtual Cloud Servers within minutes, and control them through a simple and intuitive control panel.

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Virtual Cloud Servers

Virtual Cloud Servers

High availability virtualized cloud servers that give you the ability to deliver real flexibility, instant scalability, and resilience against downtime for your business. Ensure you get precisely the infrastructure you need and pay only for what you use.

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Bare Metal Server

Bare Metal Cloud Servers

A range of high-performance, fully networked, bare metal dedicated servers, that enable you to build powerful cloud solutions exactly as you wish. Just log on, select your ideal server specs - capacity, memory, hard disk space & software - and get down to business.

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What are the key benefits?

Hybrid server in a cloudplatform

Deploy powerful server platforms and True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solutions

cloud on demand

Save time and minimize hassle with a single, intuitive portal

Gain access to a flexible range of operating systems and applications

Enjoy peace of mind with
Peer 1’s iron-clad security

Increase uptime, with round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring

Enjoy strong data security with rapid data backup

Connect securely with private VLAN and site-to-site VPN

Improve service quality with traffic load management across servers

People Stories

Steve Green, Business Owner

The Challenge
Steve needs lean, innovative IT that just works, won’t break the bank, and meets the needs of his growing business.

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Tom Delaney, IT Director

The Challenge
Tom is concerned with the day-to-day prevention of problems, and has a keen eye on how new technologies might serve his business.

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Kurt Hardy, Developer

The Challenge
Kurt wants to be able to build anything on any platform at any time, without all the headaches of multiple contracts.

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April Bergman, Marketing Manager

The Challenge
April wants to attract, retain and nurture more customers. She needs to engage with her market and generate high quality leads.

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