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FirstCall Promise™

One call is all it takes to galvanize our team into resolving your issue.

Our FirstCall Promise is really an attitude elevated to the status of a formal commitment. The all-too-clear principle of the FirstCall Promise is that you’ll only have to call us once to report a problem and this will be enough to trigger a rigorous process of escalation that always ends in a satisfactory resolution. We’ll listen carefully, we’ll get to work and we won't rest until you're satisfied.

It’s a big promise, and one that we don’t make lightly. But it’s indicative of our work ethic, devotion to customer service and our beliefs as a company. 

Key Benefits

No Junior Technicians, Help Desks or Gatekeepers

We’ve dispensed with the conventional "customer services" hurdles and bureaucracy so that you talk straightway to experienced IT professionals steeped in our corporate ethos of helping and not hindering.

Personal Technical Account Manager (TAM) for Complex Hosting Solutions

If your hosting configuration is a particularly complex one, we’ll provide you with a single point of contact — a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will develop a deep understanding of your hosting configuration, network, product mix business. You’ll be provided with access to a direct line to your TAM, connecting you at any time, day or night.

Measuring Ourselves Against the Highest Standard

Great service is an art — but it’s a science, too, and it should be measured and evaluated. Net Promoter® helps us track and plan success based on our customers’ satisfaction We simply ask our clients "Would you recommend PEER 1 Hosting to a friend or colleague?" and they answer in terms of a basic numerical scale. Then our customers can give us detailed feedback. We use our NPS results to make sure we continue to improve day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year. Our NPS score as of May 31st, 2012 is 34. The industry average for Internet providers is 4*.

The Smarter Way to a Faster Fix

When an issue occurs, every second counts. So we use our SmartKey™ technology to access your servers directly. Not only does it employ rock-solid security measures to protect your data, but all our actions are tracked for your added peace of mind.


*Source: 2012 Satmetrix Net Promoter® Benchmark Study.